EGITS Founded in 2000 by very highly, wide scale educated owners.

EGITS is principally engaged in the consultancy, development, sales and marketing of innovative products
that make use of security solutions, advanced signal processing technologies, IT solutions, hardware, software,
and the most precious of related brands in the field.

EGITS is the authorized and official representative of the most dynamic, leading world-class remote visual
management systems with extensive application in various industries. Moreover, the most accurate access
control systems and the widely challenging brand names in the world of security and information technology as
an integral part of our main objectives.



Our business theme aims to simplify the term SECURITY at the time of implementation in projects regardless
its size or identity. The main aim of our company is to maintain our clients and community rights of being
serviced professionally and accurately through our consultancy services that we deliver to our business partners
in both the quality and after sales support.
Our MISSION is to introduce to the market the most trust worthy names of both the brands and the business
dealers to ensure over the standard delivery that meets with all international security standards.



EGITS is committed to verify both the brands and business partners on the most advanced evaluation bases


  • Verifying the products’ brands and committing the only trusted ones.
  • Verifying our business partners and ensure their business capabilities at large.
  • Delivering the know How related to all our business partners.
  • Introducing the most updated technical training and backbone support.
  • Analyzing market needs and related threats to introduce best solutions ever.

Company’s vision is to become a pioneer and most technologically advanced supplier in the market of
security systems, remote management applications, information technology, and all what is related to the field
of technology as the proven main theme of the company (Relevant strategies and Lasting solutions)



The accurately chosen team comprises qualified professionals and renowned experts in Security, IT,
telecommunications and digital technologies.

The founders of the company are dedicated entrepreneurs with extensive experience in customer’s
needs and business operations.

The Consultants. Our security and business consultants are of large experience to introduce the most
up to date solutions to all kinds of security threats at all levels. Our consultancy business operates over
the following:


  • Security Risk Management Qualified security practitioners providing security surveys, risk
    assessments, security audits, interim management, policies and procedures
  • Security Planning Working for planners, design & build contractors and architects providing
    Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Security Technology Working for our clients to define, design, develop, procure and oversee
    the implementation of electronic security systems.
  • Public Space Surveillance Our team have collectively designed and project managed the
    implementation of numerous CCTV surveillance schemes.
  • Counter Terrorism From the initial risk assessment of a site or facility, we offer a specialist
    explosive effects analysis service to propose effective and tested countermeasures

The Marketing team is very well experienced in innovative product promotion, brand building and
wide scale marketing in today’s world.


The Engineering team. Our engineering team uses the latest security aided design, engineering and
analysis tools to provide the most reliable, efficient and accurate investigation, respond, analysis and
specifications. Each one of our engineers have several years of major project’s practice and "hands on"
experience in electrical and telecommunication engineering.
Their commitment to constant growth and improvement provides advanced value-added and cost
effective solutions for our clients.


The Software house. Our software engineers are professionally dedicated to create, maintain, manage
and customize all related software type in all programming environments to apply for the mutual needs
of our clients, considering to achieve their most needs from all hardware through such tailored and/or
customized software related.


QA Team. Our Quality Assurance Certified Engineers work parallel with our business partners to assure
the installation process is initiated according to standards and supervise the operation to maintain the
most accurate delivery, considering all related construction, IT and architectural work in site. More over
supervising and approving the handing over process that enables the clients to have the necessary Know
How to operate their secured sites.



Our integrated activities and main focus will cutter the customer needs on the
various business sectors such as:


  • Retail chains
  • Financial institutions
  • Business organizations
  • Property management companies
  • Industrial and factories operations
  • Governmental Authorities
  • Public utilities and educational institutes
  • Banks / ATM / Shopping Malls / Hotels / Hospitals
  • Petrol stations and hydrocarbon facilities


The future plan is to expand market penetration in and outside Egypt and to become very
soon, one of the
leading companies in the Middle East, However we intend to expand our activities and
business scope to
ensure customer satisfaction and provision of the latest technology in the market at large.


Best Regards

Bassem Fahmy



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