Video Analytics

EGITS 'Video Analytics' module alerts the user to predefined real time events. This increases the chance of catching the event as or right after happening, thereby increasing the chances for successful resolution. EyeSoft Intelligent Video Analytics not only detects events and intrusions, but also as a business tool designed to assist in gathering intelligence data on operations, fraud, consumer data and performance.

Video Analytics:

Customizable parameters or pre-set motion detection, Flow control, perimeter defense, object detection, loitering detection, congregating crowds, illegal parking, traffic management, human tracking and object counting with 4x count graph. Up to x15 increased performance with CPU offload to Nvidia cuda GPU.

Motion detection and Human tracking:

Video analytics can be very effective in intrusion detection by detecting motion in restricted times or track a certain human to detect illegal behaviors

Loitering detection and Flow control:

Loitering detection playing an important role in preventing destructive behavior and provide an early alarm for congregating, also flow control helps to reduce congestions in people paths.

Object detection:

Object detection has many important applications specially in banks and museums where attempts to move safes, statues and valuable objects have the most probability. Video analytics can also detect if any object left in the area which reducing any terrorism action.

Traffic management and illegal parking:

Video analytics can detect any traffic violation (High speed, Wrong direction and more). Also parking management solution is an effective solution to detect parking violation and manage the parking system.

Smoke & Fire Detection:

Fire & smoke Detection allow the video system to detect fire and smoke alerting controllers or sending remote message to alarm receivers. Particularly useful in large or open areas where it is impractical to deploy standard fire detection equipment

Point of Sale (POS):

View and playback transactions with sale detail overlaid on the video for detection of fraud. Search transactions and set automatic detection of suspicious transactions, refunds, operational errors and more .View and manage multiple stores from multiple locations.


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