Museums Security Systems


EGITS offers an integrated solution for Museums providing the ultimate in perimeter protection and reliable security to grantee the security of all precious pieces inside the museum

In Museums security solution EGITS covers:

  • Entrance
  • Fence
  • Inside Museum
  • Control and Operation Rooms


We will discuss each point briefly

Entrance security :

In Entrance security EGITS provide a complete secure point Which covers:

  • Road blockers: To prevent any unauthorized vehicle from passing through the entrance
  • Road barrier : a Mandatory solution to stop the vehicle while checking confirming identity
  • Access control system with RF Cards for employees to maintain the fast, smooth and secure entrance
  • Security guards to maintain order, scanning & verifying identities and secure the entrance
  • Cameras to monitor any activity or loitering with auto number plate recognition
  • Metal detector and X-ray gates for individuals entrance

Fence security:

Fence around the museum will be secured with:


  • Cameras with virtual fence video analytics to detect any intruder along the fence
  • Electric fence to prevent any person from jumping over the fence
  • Patrol cars around the fence carrying security guards


Inside Museum:

Any museum contains very precious pieces of art (portraits, statues, and jewels) these are a priority to secure, and EGITS capable of this mission through:

  • Wireless security system (Glass break sensors, electric contact sensors for valuable pieces, PIR detector to detect any motion in restricted areas or at restricted time, Gas and Liquid leakage).
  • Beam detectors for the very valuable objects.
  • IP Cameras with video analytics to detect if certain object is removed or left inside the museum and also fire detection.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • Patrol security guards.

Control and Operation rooms:

  • This room is the core of the systems contains servers, monitors and all control equipment
  • Also it is directly connected with the nearest police station and armed forces
  • All operators inside control room are high trained on all security systems.

Our capabilities in EGITS are endless as we maintain to upgrade them regularly and up on the Latest in technology related to the security products in all categories.



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