Remote Mobile Surveillance


EGITS offers a special solution for central monitoring stations and control room. EGITS RMS (Remote Mobile Surveillance) provide central stations with


  • Location independence
  • Mobility ( Station can be based in a vehicle)
  • Effective and fast deployment


IP CCTV Solutions

NVR Pros' IP CCTV Solutions provide practical surveillance applications for the real world. Our Network CCTV systems are designed to tackle modern security concerns from people, traffic & environment management to profit loss reduction and mobile surveillance. NVR Pros also design IP surveillance solutions from concept to supply and integration.

Rapid Deployment CCTV

Introducing the Rugged NVR, capable of Rapid Deployment CCTV around cities, trouble hotspots, remote areas, borders, during protests or demonstrations and in vehicles. The easy lamppost clamping unit features a PTZ IP camera with up to 32x zoom with advanced video analytics. Typical applications include its use for traffic management, crowd control and surveillance of vulnerable areas with a choice of 3G, WiFi, Satellite or wired video transmission options. Featuring ANPR, congregating crowds, illegal parking notification.

Video Analytics

The first NVR to bring video analytics to the street allows new breakthroughs in crime reduction and controlled area management. Through the range of NVR Pros' rapid deployment, fixed or mobile IP surveillance solutions, our on-site video analytics can offer live notification, recording and response to illegal parking, congregating crowds, unattended objects, missing objects, border & perimeter protection, traffic direction, object counting and much more facilitating more efficient management of controlled areas. (Read more about video analytics) Link to Video Analytics

Retail Loss Prevention

A strong performing solution designed to reduce internal and external shrinkage as well as monitoring staff, store and day to day financial performance. Loss prevention solutions include the facility to monitor till transactions with rule based alerts based on custom defined settings such as high value refund, high number of refunds, low transaction value in high ticket store with live remote video, transaction overlay on video and data mining for management review.

Wireless IP Surveillance

Wireless IP CCTV surveillance solutions for single building, point to point, wide area wireless network and mobile to satellite video transmission. Various solutions are available to enable remote IP surveillance over wireless networks where cables are impractical or unattractive.

Mobile Surveillance

NVR Pros' Pure Mobile and Rugged NVR range open new opportunities to conduct surveillance in harsh or remote environments with the added benefit of on-site recording and video analytics to automaton and other software tasks. With a variety of data transmission options from 3G/GPRS networks to Satellite, Broadband and Wi-Fi, our mobile surveillance products offer endless applications from vehicle, rapid, remote, hidden, unattended solutions to as far as the imagination can stretch.

Remote IP CCTV

With extensive experience in remote video transmission, NVR Pros can offer a variety of remote CCTV solutions from application or browser based remote access to live high definition video streams in real time. Web page and large audience streaming is also possible as well as broadcast to mobile devices such as mobile phones & PDA's. IP video can be transmitted or distributed over broadband, WiFi, Wireless, Satellite, PSTN, ISDN, 3G, GPRS to cabled solutions such as coax, UTP to fiber optic.

High Definition Video

The NVR Pros' NVR & software suite are capable of recording Megapixel video offering high definition [HD] video. Megapixel images offer great detail and clarity as well as sharp vivid coloring allowing the opportunity to scrutinize video more closely in order to achieve detailed analysis of events.


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