Central Monitoring Station


EGITS Monitoring station is a very powerful efficient central station which allows the operator to monitor the surveillance system (IP and analog cameras) and the integrated security system and provide the operator with a full vision of the premises

Surveillance system monitoring:

Advanced IP Camera Surveillance software allowing the user to view up to 64 cameras on a single screen with multi split screen views of 1, 4, 9, 13, 16, 36 and 64 cameras. Floating panels allow simultaneous monitoring of system health, e-map, alarms, playback & live video all at once. Virtual Matrix allows connection of up to 8+ monitors per PC for flexible & pro-active video monitoring. NEW digital zoom feature.

Advanced playback:

First NVR software to feature instant video playback option. Search video by calendar, timeline, date, time, alarm event, or by file with simultaneous live view.. Add smart tags to video in real time for easy retrieval. Features step by frame, image export and playback speed functions. View recorded video from any remote site. Multi-Screen playback with pop out spot screen. Includes batch export for easy video archive & backup.

Functionality Compatibility:

CMS Central monitoring station to monitor & control all IP & CCTV cameras, access control devices, wireless home security panels with online communication with security officers and EGITS main monitoring station. EGITS provides security officers with full security systems training for our clients and their security officers.

IP CCTV Camera Software Features


  • System Operation
  • 4ch, 8ch, 16ch, 32, 64 channel version supporting Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server08, 32/64+ bit
  • 4 ch, 8ch, 16ch LITE version, software bundle for IP cameras, PC's, media/telco services
  • Software records IP cameras from multiple camera manufacturers
  • Supports USB webcams, Analogue capture cards & IPTV streams
  • Megapixel IP Camera support up to 1920x1080 HD, frame rate up to 60 fps per camera
  • Dual Video & Audio stream capture per camera (where supported(
  • Connect to multi-sites or servers for scalable system of many cameras & sites
  • Windows Media, MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264, .ASF compliant
  • Customize recording bandwidth & outgoing bandwidth for each camera
  • RS-232 & Digital I/O support, external audio support
  • PTZ presets, tour support, Sequence & Pelco D PTZ keyboards via RS232
  • Multi-Level password access, authentication
  • English, French, German, Finnish, Polish, Lithuanian Languages

Live Monitoring:


  • Simple user interface with numbered camera buttons or detailed tree view
  • 4/8/16/32/64 CH. split screen views, view cameras at once all or split into groups
  • Split cameras into groups, customize each group view, sequence groups
  • Multi monitor Virtual Matrix supports up to 6 monitors per client / server / PC
  • Auto or manual video tagging system for easy video retrieval, event bookmarking
  • EMAP Function simply add cameras + alarm event buttons for live event action
  • Spot monitor + 3 x Spot monitor for Emap, alarm events
  • Video pop-up on alarm with custom sound & color presentation
  • Pelco D- P PTZ control protocol support with onscreen joystick display
  • PTZ presets, tour support for multiple cameras / manufacturers
  • Motion Detection as standard with video analytics on advanced versions
  • Embed / Broadcast video from cameras to webpages
  • System Log, E-Map, Spot Screen, Digital Zoom,
  • Support High Definition video with Nvidia Cuda Acceleration

Recording, Playback & Backup:


  • Continuous, Motion detection or scheduled recording
  • Auto delete files after user defined number of days
  • Record from local & remote cameras and NVR's
  • Database recording file system for near instant video playback
  • Video saved as ASF file for easy playback with standard media player
  • Customize video & audio recording compression & bandwidth settings
  • Dual playback screen inc play, pause, step frame, add bookmark tag on screen1
  • Multiscreen view with scrollable timeline & calendar search on screen 2
  • Easy image snapshot + video export to local or removable device in native format
  • Backup single or multiple video channels by date & time to HD/CD/DVD
  • Digital Zoom on playback video

Remote Access


  • Remote Access via software or IE web browser for unlimited users
  • Real time video stream to Windows Media Player, broadcast able to 1000's of viewers
  • Remote access to video via another PC with EyeSoft over Internet
  • Client license for remote viewing only, available in 10 pack
  • Remote access to alarm events, video analytics data, POS transactions
  • E-Mail alarm notification with picture attachment
  • Customize video broadcast settings for each camera for remote access
  • RTSP Streaming Engine for streaming to 3rd party software & mobile devices (NEW)

Custom Video Settings:


  • Video filters for deinterlace, region masking
  • Add OSD time, date & camera name stamp
  • Custom text overlay tag filter via SDK
  • Customize video or audio recording bandwidth, compression complexity, smoothness

Video Management:


  • Manage multiple sites, cameras, alarms from globally distributed systems
  • Build control room and multi monitor surveillance solutions
  • Remote NetConnect service for remote alarm & event management
  • Stack multiple servers to build large scale systems with multiple operators


Video Analytics:


  • Local & remote alarm / event alerts
  • Local & remote POS & data injection overlay
  • Video Pop-Up on Alarm (local & remote)
  • Analytics & Video Decode Offload Engine, offload processing from CPU to NVidia Cuda GPU

Object counting statistics graph with 4 counter comparison, historical data | motion detection | abandoned object detection | missing object | object counting | direction of travel | illegal parking | virtual fence | illegally stopped | congregating crowds | POS till transaction recording | image blurred | scene changed | advanced human tracking | fire & smoke detection.

Integrated security system monitoring

This allows the operator to observe and monitor every single action in perimeter.

EGITS provides a graphical schematic for the premises in order to help the operator to take a fast and efficient action

Access control:

Monitoring every door and window and receive an alarm if a door or a window left open.

Security system:
Monitoring alarms form the system (break glass, gas leakage, liquid leakage, unauthorized motion….)

Fire alarm system:
Monitor any alarm from fire alarm system and take the proper action

Entrance Gates:
Receives alarm for any security breach at the gates


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