Security Training

Initial Training Program

Before an officer begins full or part-time employment; they must complete a comprehensive one day training program, which takes place at our regional headquarters in Kent. The Initial Training Program is designed to provide an introduction to security, our company, and fundamental procedures. It is imperative that all recruits pass the Initial Training Program standard.

On-Site Training

On-site training aims to familiarize the newly inducted employee with the operational situation to which the employee will be assigned. This training is administered by our training specialist for a period of up to a week or as deemed necessary according to the requirements of the client.

A formalized site manual is in place for each different operation, customized to meet the individual requirements of that particular site. At the completion of the on-site training a comprehensive site exam is conducted. The site exam covers client requirements for the particular site and general security procedure of the standard expected by Egits Services.


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