Access Control System (Egypt):

The Standalone System

This is the most cost effective solution for access control system only and 512 card holders can be registered. System can be operated by various modes such as RF card, PIN or RF card + PIN. Optionally, user can adopt software to collect data via RS232C.


Network Sytem

The most of products are expandable up to 32EA and it allows users to control remote site as well. Time schedule and Group can be set to achieve high security control. Program allows to control all functions and collect data in real time. All imaginations from customers can be real



Time Attendance System (Egypt) :

This standalone system can be applied for Time & Attendance system with Function keys on it. Function keys allow user to define various time & attendance situations such as attendance, leaving, and so on. Even user lost their RF card, they are able to access with personal PIN number. Online & offline solutions by fingerprint & proximity cards.

CERT Time Overview CERT Time Attendance Suite containes Shift Policy Management Module, Attendance Management Module, Leave Management Module and various Management Reports. Therefore every employee's attendance releated jobs could be done with Cert Time Attendance Suite Shift Policy Management, Leave…
Features: Face plate?223L?212W?80H?mm? Input voltage: 220VAC, 50HZOutput voltage: 12VDC, 3AContact Output: Electric lock Button contactTime: 0~30 secStandard Structure: Steel surfaceSafety function?Build-in safety tube and short-circuit proof Performance testing ?five hundred thousand times aging test Quality Guarantee?For two years ?except that…
Features: Special, wide-mouthed, concealed installationPower-off to lockNo time-delay functionCounter locking function with the extended panel90 degrees swinging door, suitable for metal doors Specifications: Working Voltage?DC12V inputWorking Current?240mAOperating Temperature: -10~+55??14-131F? Operating Humidity: 0-90%Holding Force: 400kgWeight?0.41kg Lock jaw size?45*17*13mmLock body size?240*25*35mm
Features: Model: AL-500(LED)Unfold installation(larger)Power-on to lockNo residual magnetism, no mechanical damage, single doorLock status signal NO/NC output, LED display90 degrees open for all kinds of doors with frameFrameless doors or inswinging door doors can choose accessoriesInswing door accessories?AL-500PL and AL-500PZFrameless…
  12V Mini-UPS is used for 5V fingerprint sensor. Under the environment where the power is cut off suddenly, power discharge can be realized automatically to continue power supply for fingerprint sensor. UPS system can regulate discharge cut-off voltage automatically…
The Door Release Button With Double Feature (Stainless steel) Lock Size:86Lx28Wx20T(mm) Standard Structure: Panel With Strongly Style  Stainless Steet Switch Current Rating:3A@36VDC Max With  NC/COM Performance Testing :One Million Times Aging Test Contact Antput:NC Contact Suitable For:Applicable To Wollow Door…
Use on doors or windows, contact is closed when in contact Rated for 50 million opening/closings Size: 2.48” long by .5” high

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