Training Description

Sales Point


The sales points related to each and every product in the security product's range are a major part of our courses that enables our graduates to have the power to sell and adjust their presentations on the actual needs of their clients, moreover deploying the products specs & facilities for integration with other supporting technologies to deliver a real professional out- put for all their clients and maintaining the quality level in the security market.


  • Site Survey
  • On Call

Survey on the client needs is the backbone of a successful deal operation. On the before basic EGITS ACADEMY gives a great focus on delivering the art of survey to all its learners. In our academy we teach the most recent methods and most prestigious ones considering the two basic elements in this process TIME & STRAIGHT UNDERSTANDING.

Case Study

In each and every category of the security business EGITS ACADEMY considers seriously to present the latest and most powerful case studies related to the course topic. This is to prepare our learners to get into the mood of the product and generate a FAQ session to widen their products' over view and business attitude.


Brand Name

In all courses along all categories of the security products, we discuss all the related brand names that have effect in the international market and introduce the latest technology in the field to keep our learners in a focal view with the edge of technology related to the field.



SWOT analysis is one of the most exclusive sessions in EGITS ACADEMY, as it refers in depth and professionally to the market reality and as it gives a solid base to make excellent business operation, especially for the new business operators at any market level.



Marketing techniques are different concept than marketing and sales operation. In EGITS ACADEMY we introduce to our learners the marketing concept based on the Exclusive SWOT analysis.


Technical Training

The technical training in EGITS ACADEMY is an essential part that follows the above mentioned sessions to enable our learner an entire view of the machinery and the mechanism of the products related hardware and to enhance their professionalism by giving them the ability to operate the products and maintain it in a momentary respond level to any existing troubles. The capability of our learners to be trouble-shooting masters by our technical training is at the same time an ensuring to the end user clients that they are receiving an exclusive professional service and fully guarantee of after sales services.



The Real Demonstration session is a major part of the courses and it takes place along the course training to enhance the real product's capability and ensure the learners understanding regarding the introduced topics to make sure that our graduates are in real touch with the latest related technology and they pass its real experience along the course.



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