Dear Partners,

It honors us in EGITS to introduce to your great benefits, our new concept of security products' training and know-how courses in our professional EGITS ACADEMY.

EGITS ACADEMY is our training center for all related products to security (needs& threats) that exist in our own community, moreover the security essentials that became a must in our today world of business and our daily life to create the basic needs of human life security.

EGITS ACADEMY cares to reform and create new professionals who are worth to work in security products as assets to state our theme of, Relevant strategies and Lasting solutions.

Finally we are glad to receive all trainees who are daring to become our future business partners.

Please accept our best regards and high respect…

In EGITS ACADEMY, we consider to form professional individuals who are worth to work in the security products business, with an over view for all sectors related and deep professional ability to operate over the business sectors to be able to deliver proper installation and professional after sales services.

Our courses in its Basic and Advanced levels will include the following major topics and will cover the following categories:

Our Courses' Major discussion Topics.




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