Automation Gates (Swinging Sliding & GARAGE & INDUSTRIAL DOORS Gates)

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Road Blockers, Bollards & Barriers


TurnStile Gates

Waist-high Turnstile:

A turnstile used in fairs, attractions, and arenas. The user inserts a ticket or pass into the slot, from which a barcode is read; if access is to be granted, a sensor determines the speed with which the user passes through, and sets the electric motor to turn the turnstile at the corresponding speed. Sometimes also referred to as "half-height" turnstiles, this fixed arm style has traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile. There are many variations of this style available, including one which is designed to be accompanied by a matching ticket box, and one with a ticket box built in. Some styles are designed to allow entry only after a payment (actual coins and tokens) are inserted,[1] while others allow access after a valid barcode is electronically read. A disadvantage to this type is people can "jump the turnstile"; as happens commonly[citation needed] on the Moscow Metro and other mass transport systems in Russia.


Drop Arm Optical Turnstile

The drop arm optical turnstile is a combination of the security of a tripod or barrier turnstile and a fully optical turnstile. The lanes can have either single or double arms. When access is granted the arms drop into recesses in the cabinet. Once the arm/s drop out of the way, the turnstile functions as a fully optical turnstile.

Optical TurnStile

Optical turnstiles are an alternative to the traditional "arm"-style turnstile and are increasingly used in locations where a physical barrier is deemed unnecessary or unaesthetic. Optical turnstiles generally use an infrared beam to count patrons and recognize anyone attempting to enter a site without a valid entry pass.

Full-height turnstiles

he full-height turnstile, is a larger version of the turnstile, commonly 7-foot (2.1 m) high, similar in operation to a revolving door, which eliminates the possibility (inherent in the waist-high style) of anyone jumping over the turnstile. It is also known as an "iron maiden", after the torture device of the same name, or "high-wheel".[2] It is sometimes called a "Rotogate", especially in Chicago, where it is used at unstaffed exits of Chicago 'L' stations, and is also used at many New York City Subway stations. In Europe, however, "Rotogate" refers to a different kind of gate that is not a turnstile.

There are two types of full height turnstiles, High Entrance/Exit Turnstile (HEET) and Exit-Only. The difference between them is that HEET turnstiles can rotate in both directions thus allowing two-way traffic, while exit-only turnstiles can only rotate in one direction thus allowing one-way traffic. Exit-only turnstiles are commonly used in mass transit stations to allow passengers to exit the system without interfering with those entering.

  Product Description The SPB-100 tripod turnstiles are very robust products able to function inside and outside buildings.The SPB-100 is a waist-height tripod turnstile in a self-supporting housing (2 Feet).The SPB-100 is the version of the SPB-100 with dropping arm…
Product Description: When absolute entrance or exit security is required, especially in unguarded locations, Full Height Turnstiles are an excellent option. Electrically operated, designed for interior or exterior use (these are completely weather proof even in the harshest conditions!), these…

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