CCTV IP Cameras Overview

This system is designed to obtain visual security at any location needed to be highly monitored and secured. The system consists of different types of devices connected to each other to capture, view and record. This solution may be analogue such as a camera and monitor, digital using a computer to monitor and record or it may be network based solution using IP Internet camera.


All mentioned solutions may also be wired or wireless connected.


CCTV Feature

This system is mainly based on the type of camera. Camera may be wired/wireless, color/b&w, fixed/movable, analogue/digital. Live monitoring and recording may be analogue or digital. Analogue system may consist of a Camera to capture video.


Quad device enables viewing of all connected cameras at same time. Switcher device to enable view of all connected cameras in series with set time interval separating them. Multiplixer device enables monitoring and recording of different cameras at same time.


Analogue monitor to view what the camera captures on it. Digital system based on using computer monitor to view the camera and computer drive to record video. Digital system may be network based using IP cameras which enables control, monitor and record locally or remotely.

EGITS offers a wide variety of IP (internet protocol) security and monitoring cameras. IP cameras send and receive data through a network rather than an analog video signal. This allows IP cameras to view your property remotely, from anywhere in…
CP-UNR-104M1 4 Ch. with 1080p Realtime Live View H.264/MJPEG dual codec decoding Max 48Mbps incoming bandwidth Support 1 SATA HDDs up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0 HDMI / VGA simultaneous video output Support Multi-brand network cameras ONVIF Version 2.0 conformance Mobile…

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