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EGITS offers a wide variety of IP (internet protocol) security and monitoring cameras. IP cameras send and receive data through a network rather than an analog video signal. This allows IP cameras to view your property remotely, from anywhere in the world.

The Dinion IP Starlight 8000 MP network camera from Bosch Security Systems is the top of the line in its series of box cameras and, at 5 megapixels (MP), has the highest resolution within the product line. There are 10 models in the line, ranging from the traditional box camera design to outdoor bullet-style camera assemblies to a compact assembly that can be discreetly mounted as needed. The 8000 MP I received was shipped with a Bosch LVF-5005C HD lens for my testing. It is designed for MP camera use and has a focal range of 4.1-9mm. The lens is also IR corrected to provide optimal viewing when the camera assembly switches from color to black-and-white in low light conditions.


The 8000 MP is one of a handful of IP-based box cameras I have dealt with and I was certainly surprised at its heft when I removed it from the box. The assembly is very heavy when compared to analog units, weighing in at almost 2 pounds without a lens attached, or roughly twice the weight of other units I have worked with. Its bulk can be attributed to its sturdy aluminum shell construction and all of the camera’s electronics that are packed inside the case. As with most box cameras, the unit’s housing has a 1?4-inch 20 threaded socket on the top and bottom of the assembly to allow it to be secured on a pendant mount or inside an enclosed camera housing. The 8000 MP is constructed with a standard CS mount to accept the installation of a lens of your choosing (a C mount lens with adapter can also be used). The camera also has a standard four-pin connector located on the camera’s lower section to allow the use of DC-iris lenses.

Long-Range Night Vision

All HD IP security cameras will provide excellent night vision for around-the-clock security coverage. Some HD IP security cameras take this coverage a step further with Color Night Vision™. This feature will provide a further level of detail (the color of clothes or cars, for example) and will add increased contrast for easier detection and recognition of people and objects.




The Right Camera For The Job

Select from a wide range of HD IP security cameras to suit your surveillance needs. Traditional bullet or dome style cameras typically come with high resolutions and wide angle lenses. PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can zoom in and out and move their lenses up, down, left and right for maximum coverage. Remotely adjust the zoom and focus with a security camera that features a motorized varifocal lens. Or choose an IK10 vandal proof camera for jobs that require "in-reach" installations.



Intelligent Video Compression

As opposed to analog security cameras that send the video signal straight to the DVR for encoding, HD IP cameras encode the video themselves before sending the data back to the NVR for storage. This not only saves internet bandwidth and recording space but ensures smooth remote viewing as well.


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